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Feeding of kittens from birth to 1 year old; It determines their health for the rest of their lives. During these periods, feeding the kittens, giving foods with high nutritional value, and most importantly, gaining the right nutritional habits is vital.

Kittens’ nutritional and energy needs are twice or even three times as high as adults. When cats stop breastfeeding for 6 to 7 weeks, they should adopt a completely regular and healthy eating habit.

Kittens that grow very fast and gradually should be fed four to five meals a day by going beyond the ritual during their growth period.

Kittens should always have a bowl of water near them and check for cleanliness.

First of all, kittens should be kept in a warm environment. Its feathers have just come out and there is no fluff or oil to warm it up. A cat house or a box is the solution to keep the cat warm.

Warm water wrapped in a towel should be placed in the cat house or box every 3-4 hours, and the cat house or box should be covered with a blanket to prevent heat loss.

How to Feed a 1-Month-Old Kitten?

An ordinary kitten needs 30 ml of milk for 100 grams of body weight. If, according to your observations, the development of the kitten is not sufficient and you think that the meals do not fully meet their needs, you can give additional nutrition.

If you try to overeat, it won’t be right for your cat’s health

Up to 1 week, kittens should be fed every 2-3 hours.
2-week old kittens should be fed a maximum of 4-6 hours.
Puppies aged 3 weeks and older should be fed in an average of 6-8 hours.

How will you give the kitten milk?

You need a cat bottle. You can buy a special bottle for cats from petshop and pharmacies.

The temperature of the milk should be 30-35 degrees. It should not be given without heating the milk. You should make sure that the food you prepare is fresh.

With the help of a coffee pot, you can also put water in the coffee pot, put the bottle filled with milk into the coffee pot, after the water boils, look at the temperature of the milk and you can start feeding your kitten.

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Feeding Kittens? How Many Months Are Kittens Given Dry Food After?

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