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Does your cat make oneself scarce when you uncloak the nail clipper? Do you have to wrap her in a towel or blanket to give her a manicure-pedicure? Do not worry; you are not alone. According to cat behavior analysts, it is possible to create calm and peaceful nail cutting sessions! In order to have a smooth process while cutting your cat’s nails, come to our tips on how to cut nails in cats, let’s take a look together.

Put Your Cat In Nail Trimming Mode.

You should introduce your cat to the nail clipper when he is a youngster. Choose a quiet and calm room, sit on a chair with your cat, and place him on your lap. Before doing this, choose a moment when your cat is calm, relaxed, or even sleepy; like the weight collapse period after eating food. Make sure that there are no other animals around and no birds, insects, or spiders to distract your cat.

Make Friends with Your Cat’s Paws.

Gently place one paw of your cat between your fingers and massage the paw count from inside to three. If your cat pulls back while you’re massaging, don’t insist on holding it and don’t squeeze it; Instead, follow his movements, keeping in touch gently. Once he is in a stable position again, gently press the middle of his paw so that the nails come out. Immediately after doing this, let go of his paw and offer him a treat. Repeat this every two days and apply the same routine to each paw.

Introduce Your Cat to the Nail Clipper.

Before you start cutting your cat’s nails, you should familiarize her with the sound of the nail clipper. Sit your cat on your lap and place a piece of raw pasta between the nail clippers. If your cat smells the nail clippers, place a treat on the scissors so that it can have a positive relationship with the scissors. Then, while massaging one of your cat’s paws, press the middle of the other so that her nails stand out. With the nails out, cut the pasta inside the nail clippers, then give your cat a treat again.

Never Cut Cuticles.

The pinkish parts at the root of your cat’s nails are the points where blood vessels and nerves are located, so you should never cut in that area. When cutting your cat’s nails, be careful to cut only the white part of the nail. If you accidentally cut the cuticle, you can stop the bleeding with bleeding-stopper styptic powder. It is useful to have this powder with you during nail cutting just in case.

Never Do These:

  1. If your cat resists nail clipping, don’t punish or yell at her.
  2. Never try to cut your cat’s nails when they are angry or aggressive.
  3. Do not cut nails in a hurry; This may cause damage to the nail root.
  4. Do not try to cut all nails in one go.

The nail clippers you use to cut your cat’s nails should be convenient and safe. Otherwise, you can cut your cat’s cuticles. Also, the handle of the nail clipper should not slip out of the hand.

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How To Cut Cat Nails?

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