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Dogs are always considered to be more capable of learning than cats, but accepting it this way doesn’t mean it’s true.

There is a new method of cat training using a clicker that gives positive results Would you like to know more about this? If so, then continue reading this post.

Using a clicker to train your cat

This training is for shaping cat behavior. Penalties are not part of this technique. However, this method takes advantage of the cat’s behavior by allowing the cat to act in a certain way through positive reinforcement. Each time the Clicker is used means the cat will be rewarded.

A clicker is a small device that has a metal strip that clicks when pulled. The secret is that this sound is new to the cat, an inquisitive animal by nature, and attracts the animal’s attention.

Likewise, it will be more difficult to train using your voice, as the owner’s voice is already familiar to the cat. Therefore, this “click” will become the only communication channel.

Of course, doing all this is not easy and requires patience. Below you can read some tips to make it easier.

If you already own a clicker and have figured out which reward to use to reward your cat, follow these steps:

Find a goal. For example, whether it’s a flat-shaped object like a stick, ballpoint pen, or spoon. You can place a ping-pong ball or foam ball into the pen to attract the cat’s attention. It is forbidden to use the reward food as a target because the cat will only do the exercises to get something he likes.

Find the right moment. It is important to choose the right times to train your cat, such as when he is calm. While doing the exercise, you should give him a five-minute rest period between each session. If you do a workout before the time of the mama, the cat will show more interest in the reward and will definitely respond better to your orders.
Avoid distractions. Find a room at home with fewer objects and distractions, because the fewer things around your cat, the harder it will be to get distracted, and the easier it will be for you to train.

Cat clicker training the clicker you use should be durable and rustproof. It should also have an easy click button.

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Training a Cat Using a Clicker

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